SmogBgone's features

A healthy and safe environment

Offer a healthy and safe environment,a SMOGBGONE environment!

Troughout the years, cleanliness, sanitation, and safety standards have become increasingly stricter around the world. Following several studies conducted by expert firms in the field of employee’s health, companies must now ensure that they offer a healthy environment by applying good practices and equipment reducing the harmful effects.

In machine shops’ environment, oil mist fumes generate hazardous effects to health.

In addition, the oil mist produced by the machine tools is the cause of slippery floors and oil-coated walls that can increase the risk of work-related injuries, safety hazards and increased maintenance.

After several years of use, we can certify that our Oil Mist Collector for machine tools is the best solution to improve the air quality in your machine shop. The SMOGBGONE oil mist collector works on several types of machines, including Haas, Mazak, DMG MORI, MORI SEIKI, Okuma, etc.

Smoke from the equipment increases downtime, creating a costly interruption in taking measurements.


Improving air quality in machine shops

Quality of work life (QWL) has become a determining factor for our employees, having a direct impact on their retention and productivity. SMOGBGONE is proud to present an air filtration equipment that will satisfy employees, providing them with a healthy work environment, a SMOGBGONE work environment.

Machine shops should be proud to take care of their employees and show them consideration by maintaining a high level of cleanliness in the production areas.

With SMOGBGONE, enjoy a smogless environment!



  • Cleaner and safer work environment for machine operators
  • Reduce the presence and effects of oil mist
  • Minimize the exposure to oil residual
  • Simple and inexpensive maintenance
  • Keep the indoor air quality above regulation
  • Mount to existing machinery without costly alterations

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