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Commercialized since 2014, under the name Filtreomax, the SMOGBGONE was initially designed by experienced maintenance specialists. 

Focused to meet a need to improve the air quality in their machining environment and to eliminate time loss caused by smoke; these specialists developed a universal, reliable, efficient and affordable solution, which quickly became a leader in the industry.

The machining experience, as well as the maintenance knowledge of machine tools, allowed them to develop a solution perfectly adapted to the need. 

Currently, several machine shops use this system with satisfaction.

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Operating mode

The SMOGBGONE unit is designed for closed machine tools. With its high filtration efficiency, this system recuperates oil mist (coolant), smoke (from metals, steel, cast iron, etc.) and steam, in order to purify the ambient air and ensure a clean and healthy working environment. 

Once the oil mist is removed, the SMOGBGONE redistributes the oil to the machine through the return drain. 

Lightweight and compact, the SMOGBGONE unit can be installed horizontally or vertically above the machine tool, not obstructing the working space. 




The improved air quality generated by the SMOGBGONE will contribute to better productivity and profitability.

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